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The goal of our experienced urological team is to get you healing and back doing what you love in the best and fastest way possible. We are proud to provide the highest quality level of customer service, medical experience, and commitment to health and wellness to all our patients.

Experience and Professionalism


 With years of experience, our medical team will assess you and help you to understand and decide upon the treatment plan that's right for you. We understand the importance of educating you on the most effective ways to take care of your body, so that you can heal quickly. 

Providers Who Care


Not only will our providers treat your existing conditions, we also work to prevent pain and illness from recurring. We strive to help you improve your quality of life, achieve your wellness goals, and heal your body to live your best life possible.  


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Men's Health


When you have a urological problem or concern, it is a very personal issue. Come to the urology practice in Maui that consistently delivers personalized care. Maui Urology focus on the health problems that men face and delivers practical answers.

Kidney Stones


Kidney stones can be extremely painful and sometimes very dangerous or even life-threatening.  We can help you eliminate the stones you have and help prevent them from returning.

Women's Health


When you have a urological problem or concern, it is a very personal and intimate issue. For many, it can be embarrassing and too often women don't seek treatment because they feel there is nothing that can be done. Maui Urology has extensive training and experience on many of the health problems that women face and can find solutions that get you back to the activities that you enjoy. Want to learn more? See some of the many conditions we treat.



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